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repairing gas leaks

Understanding Natural Gas Red Tags in the GTA

Red tags are the result of natural gas leaks and used to identify the reason why your gas supply has been shut off. A technician from the gas company will confirm your leak, shut off your supply and issue one of the following types of red tags.

A Tags

This level of code infraction indicates a direct or indirect danger to your family and your home. If you have an A tag, this may indicate a serious gas leak, dangerous carbon monoxide levels or other hazardous situations. In these cases, the gas will be shut off at the meter. The situation will need to be remedied by a licensed gas fitter, who will sign off on the tag and get your gas supply back on.

B Tags

In the case of B tag infractions, you have a grace period of 45 days to remedy the situation. If the problem has not been resolved in that time, your supply will be shut off.

Improper installations and the use of unapproved parts can lead to red tags. If you need gas leak repairs or have questions about red tags, contact the experts at Metro West Gas & Appliance. If you suspect a leak, please call your gas supplier immediately!

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